Awakening The Intuitive Within – Part 2
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Ten Steps to awakening the intuitive within you – Part 2.


Step Two:

Keep a journal. Your journal entry can be as little as two sentences. Your journal will give you the ability to see patterns developing with symbols and impressions. Always date your journal. You can always increase your writing time, but in the beginning make meditation and journaling doable by not overburdening yourself with time and energy you cannot expend. Do a little at a time. This is an opportunity to address how you feel about this process.

Step Three:

On a daily basis, become aware of the impressions or urgings that come to you throughout the day. It will take time for you to develop a repertoire of symbols and impressions. Each day you practice receiving impressions and not judging them, the more open you will become. The interpretation of these impressions will take time. Time will reveal the pattern of your impressions, which will then lead to a more accurate interpretation of the symbols or impressions you receive.

Step Four:

Be patient with yourself and your body. Like any skill intuitive development requires time, skills and repetition. You gain confidence as you work a daily plan of development
and begin to see the results manifesting through increased clarity, focus and responsive
action in your life.

Step Five:

Use a divining device such as a spiritual mantra, a spiritual book, a tarot deck, runes or other means of guidance. If you choose a card deck, shuffle the deck and make a spread before you by fanning out the cards. Ask a question of your higher self or the divine within you and pull a card from the deck. Before you look up the meaning in your reference book, let the card impress you with the message it gives to you through its symbology. Whatever means of divination you use, before you look up the meaning, annotate your impressions on paper. Then look up the meaning; see if your intuitive interpretation is close to the book interpretation. This is a way of immediately validating your perception. Some people open the bible to a page that they feel is divinely inspired for guidance.

Step Six:

If you have an impression that someone is thinking of you, going to call or visit you, note the time of the day and your location. See if you can get an impression of what they might want to talk to you about. Call the person as soon as you can and ask them if they were thinking of you around the time that you noted. This process begins to build trust and confidence in your ability through repetitive feedback that can be validated by another person. In the case of the cards, the definition in the book can validate your impression. Have faith. Sometimes the other person may not validate your impression. Do not judge it. Each time you risk reaching out to validate your impression, your courage builds. You can also find an intuitive development class in your area through community colleges, Internet search, intuitive coach or metaphysical bookstores.

Step Seven:

Learn to delete drama from your life. You can do this by learning to develop boundaries in each area of your life through the development of self-care. Begin to become aware of how often you say yes to someone’s request when you really want to say no. Asserting yourself takes time, practice and education. Allow yourself to be a whole person and view others the same way. Learn to let go of any victim, rescuer or persecutor roles that you play in your life. Learn to assertively deal with people who want to play these same roles. As you change, some people will change with you and others may not. Release of the limiting patterns within you is a dynamic part of this process. Part of spiritual evolution is learning to let go of old habits and thought patterns that no longer support your goals.

If there is a great deal of crises in your life, it is time to look at the source of your crises before you begin a development program. Without looking at yourself, your thinking, your emotional patterns and crises-oriented living, you will not be able to attain the balance necessary to develop intuitively. If you do not know how you play a part in the drama of your life, you cannot be responsible for creating the wonderful reality that you can have. You are the creator of your reality; your responses to other people and to life’s challenges can help you learn about yourself. Strive for balance. This will bring peace, a sense of being centered and validation. You are an unfolding work of art. Like the lotus flower which is the symbol of divine creativity, you have a thousand facets that can be discovered in your spiritual development process.
Be as patient, kind and loving to yourself as you can. You will learn to respond instead of reacting to life’s situations and challenges.

Step Eight:

Learn about your individual needs and self-care. Understand your intentions to become intuitive. Intuition is not control over others. Your intention has to be ethical. You are developing your intuition for your own empowerment. Providing people with intuitive information about themselves without asking permission is inappropriate and may be considered controlling. Self-care brings self-reflection to you. Reviewing your intentions and making a conscious choice builds confidence in an ethically, value-based foundation.

Step Nine:

Visualize yourself as already intuitive. Affirm your openness to receiving guidance, direction and love from many sources within your life, including your intuitive self and your higher self. You are worth the effort and investment.

Step Ten:

This final step: give thanks to the divine within for all of the blessings, inspirations, inner guidance, and gifts that you receive every day. Your life is precious and valuable. Thanksgiving validates your understanding of these
gifts in your life. It opens you to new possibilities and probabilities because it brings an expanded view of life through the use of faith. Faith resides within the heart and does not come from the realm of mind. Mind is finite. Heart is infinite. The symbol of the heart is associated with feelings, expansiveness, joy and love. Through this sense of love, we can unite with something greater than ourselves and connect with the universal flow of energy that resides within each of us. This brings us an opportunities to transcend limiting beliefs and embrace our connect to a flow of unlimited potential. It takes two seconds to say thank you. This act lifts our spirits out of worry and anxiety. It changes our brain chemicals replacing those feelings of stress with endorphins that bring relaxation and peace.

These ten steps create a structure for the unfolding of the divine intuition within all of us.

In Summary:

Divine intuition comes to us through a sense of knowing without the use of words. Intuition is a combination of the unfathomable with knowing. It is a perfect marriage between the right and left hemispheres of our brain. Sometimes when we feel that we are being divinely impressed, it is called divine intuition. When we experience divine intuition, there is no doubt or fear, we just know. At that moment, our lives are changed and we bridge our higher resources or the divine with our physical body. There is a sense that we are no longer walking by ourselves; we are connected to all things and the divine within. These moments are periods of enlightenment, which take us toward conscious living.

You are capable of extraordinary perception in your everyday life. Learning how to access this incredible place of wisdom enhances our self-awareness and confidence
allowing us to build a consciousness bridge between the natural and supernatural abilities we all possess.

The information in this article is meant to inform you of the unlimited possibilities that lie within you. As with all skills, patience, consistency, practice and validation are necessary for our brains to embrace the possibilities that lie within us.

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