Jo Anne Bishop, PhD, MPA is an accomplished motivational speaker, coach,
educator and author. She helps people develop success strategies as investments
in their futures. She has coauthored three books with Deepak Chopra, Mark Hansen
and Steven Covey. Jo Anne has done work and research on changing the brain’s
neural pathways to change behavior and specifically to encourage success
motivation with brain chemical changes.
The human brain can adapt to changing demands even in adulthood, but MIT
neuroscientists have now found evidence of it changing with unsuspected speed.
Their findings suggest that the brain has a network of silent connections that
underlie its plasticity.
Her techniques are based upon current brain research that combines the power of
both the brain’s conscious and subconscious mind. Her presentations utilize
innovative strategies to access and integrate the power of both brain
hemispheres. These strategies develop new brain neural pathways which overcome
obstacles to SUCCESS. In Jo Anne’s book, “Success is State of Mind.” she speaks
of the essential components for success and happiness. It is important to give
yourself recognition daily for all your accomplishments and victories. And to be
free from judgment and self-reflective instead. To be compassionate– toward
yourself and others. And to determine your own definitions of success.

Author : Chrys Rosen

lf you are interested in having a life coach or a motivational speaker, Jo Anne
Bishop can be contacted at Crossing Bridges & Associates on the Mainland at (562) 760-3009, in

Hawaii at (808)772-A266 or email: crossingbridges(@)

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Last Modified: February 8, 2017

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